Hardware industry precise component parts casting

Type: Stainless Steel Casting

Application: Mechanical Equipment

Chrome-Nickel Stainless Steels

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Hardware industry precise component parts casting Description

Used in hardware industry and various kinds of machinery field.

Mateiral standard: various types of Casted Stainless steel, normally is Chrome-Nickel Stainless Steels, such as ASTM 302, 303, ASTM 304/CF8, ASTM 316/CF8M, and ASTM 410 stainless steel etc.; also High Chrome stainless steels like 1Cr13, 2Cr13, 1Cr18, 0Cr18, Cr27 etc and High Carbon Cast Iron, High Carbon Chrome-Nickel Casting material etc.

Surface treatment passivation or as customer requested.

Casting Process: 

1.investment casting:

a, Sodium silicate binder process,

b, Colloidal silica binder process ( Silica sol )

2.lost wax casting;  

Material specification:  

1. carbon & low alloy steel;

2. stainless steel;

3. high alloy & wear resist steel;

4. gray iron; ductile iron;

5. malleable iron;

6. alloyed cast iron;

Range of casting weight: 0.05kg-200kg

Heat Treatment: Normalizing, Quenching,Tempering.


Sebon can provide services: turning; milling; grinding; drilling; inserting; broaching; boring; polishing

Surface preparation: passivation; polishing; plating; coating; painting; zinc phosphate; dacrotized / dacromet technology

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